Un challenge sans limite de temps, car il s’agit de lire 80 œuvres de Joyce Carol […]
The Mulvaneys are a happy family with two loving parents, four children, and lots of animals […]
Mudwoman is a brilliant university president. However, she is haunted by the recollection of her childhood, […]
One morning, Luther Dunphy, a devout catholic, shoots Gus Voorhees, a doctor who performs abortions. On […]
At a 4th of July party, Kelly Kelleher meets the Senator. She could be his daughter […]
Teena Maguire is gang-raped on a 4th of July by a number of men she can’t […]
Nine short stories like nine nightmares. Each story focuses on a woman, but a man is […]
Violet Rue is a twelve-year-old girl, the last of the seven children of her family. A […]