Consent, desire, arousal, vulnerability. An essay on how these elements are interconnected… or not, when it […]
Deuxième film de Miyazaki, on trouve ici son univers post-apocalyptique avec des insectes géants et une […]
Dans ce tome 2, Jean-Eudes ne va pas beaucoup mieux. Il se considère toujours comme un […]
This is a story about whiteness. How an African-American community that is fair-skinned isolates itself from […]
A story about books or about the fact that there should be no more books. Guy […]
Questo è il monologo più bello che io conosco, narrato dall’amico di Novecento. Danny Boodmann T.D. […]
This podcast is about how beliefs dating back to slavery can become medical data and lead […]
I suppose you know “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka, a story where a salesman wakes up […]
This short story is included in the collection “When A Stranger Comes To Town” by Michael […]