Last year, the Guardian offered a 31-day literary diet to feed our souls. This year, it’s […]
A little girl full of courage wants to see Nian, a ferocious monster that hunts people […]
An Apple Watch commercial where a woman runs through woods and up mountains before being flung […]
Funny rhythmic music in the background. Three people in a café talking about the stress of […]
An essay on Almodovar’s kitchens, old ones, new ones, kitchens for cooking, kitchens for killing. A […]
A young tennis player is burdened by the ambition of his father. Winning is the only […]
A three-minute film where this song, A Single Life, represents the entire lifespan of a woman. […]
In black and white, music but no real talking, only background noises, alonely swimmer going down […]
A town at night, a woman dancing, embracing the architecture of the space. The music is […]
Another weird short film. A rich guy learns that his girlfriend and his cousin are involved […]