The story begins in 1928, when Tom, Sybil’s widow, marries Lucy Smith, Lady Maud Bagshaws illegitimate […]
After preventing an attack on tech guru Anton Burrell, Franklin finds a ring that allows him […]
Cole, un jeune garçon fragile, est capable de voir les morts et de communiquer avec eux. […]
This is a peculiar Western genre film. It is made up of six stories that take […]
Rather than three bodies, this series has three intricate storylines. The first is that of a […]
The story of the Crawley family and their servants continues this time during the turbulent period […]
Ladybug, Brad Pitt’s character, is a hitman, returning to work after several bad luck cases. He […]
Light is admitted to University, where he meets L, who reveals his identity, but also says […]
FBI agents have been sent to spy on the Japanese National Police Agency (NPA) because there appears […]
Strait-A student Light Yagami finds a notebook called the Death Note. It allows you to kill […]