A look back on a year of books is also a look back on a year […]
Aina and Whitney have been confined to an island for twelve years for a crime they […]
On the day of her birthday, Enola’s mother disappears. She has to call her brothers, Mycroft […]
Guan Hongying is found dead in a canal. The inquiry is given to chief inspector Chen […]
Mille et une nuits en mille et une nuits. Ma lecture a commencé le 1er janvier 2021 […]
Carlo Piano and his father Renzo embark on a journey on a boat belonging to the […]
In 1956, two friends decide to go on a trip to Nuristan. Nuristan ? A remote […]
Un petit recueil de fables philosophiques de tous horizons, racontées sur une double page avec toujours […]
Déluge sur la Terre, de lait dans cette mythologie-là. Tout est perdu dont notamment les 31 […]
The title says all. Women holding things, from a book to the entire world, in their […]