Apart from 170 books this year, what else did I do ? It seems there were […]
A look back on a year of books is also a look back on a year […]
Searcher est le fils d’un grand explorateur Jaeger Clade. Celui-ci a disparu lors d’une de ses […]
Halloween. Mich is desperate. Another October and winter in perspective, trapped in his house until spring. […]
Obinze is illegally in London, having followed his mother form Nigeria on a six-month visa. He […]
From one day to another, Adichie’s father dies unexpectantly. It’s Covid time, no flights to Nigeria, […]
Salomé est née baignée par l’Odysée d’Ulysse que sa mère lui lit sans cesse. Elle vit […]
Aina and Whitney have been confined to an island for twelve years for a crime they […]
Based on the character of Wednesday Addams, from the famous Addams Family, this series starts with […]
On the day of her birthday, Enola’s mother disappears. She has to call her brothers, Mycroft […]