The story begins in 1928, when Tom, Sybil’s widow, marries Lucy Smith, Lady Maud Bagshaws illegitimate […]
Cole, un jeune garçon fragile, est capable de voir les morts et de communiquer avec eux. […]
This book tells the beautiful story of Monet’s life. It obviously focuses on his life as […]
Most people are familiar with the story of the Odyssey. The non-linear narrative begins with Telemachus, […]
A small poetry collection received from Shakespeare and Company from this Scottish poet. Poems about love, […]
At the beginning of the academic year, Red meets Mara. Mara is slightly older, appears to […]
The story of the Crawley family and their servants continues this time during the turbulent period […]
Blanche est tombée amoureuse de Grégoire lors d’une soirée à laquelle l’amène sa sœur jumelle Rose. […]
Jiro Horikoshi and his friend Kiro Honjo, two aeronautical engineers who designed fighter planes for Japan […]
Lily is a bright young woman who just graduated from law school. She has two wonderful […]