This year I read 144 books. That’s a nice 12 x 12 square. A total of […]
Seven short stories by Guy de Maupassant… in English. A priest who realises he should let […]
Dans un lointain futur, en 2027, la société, dirigée par une administration nébuleuse, est peuplée d’individus […]
A corpse in a canal, that of a Sri Lankan man Brunetti met a few days […]
Sy has lived alone since the accidental death of his wife, Anna, nine years ago. He […]
It is one of the books in the “Black Britain: Writing Back” series edited by Bernardine […]
This book is an insight into communicating with animals. It follows the quest of its author […]
This book tells the story of young Tété-Michel’s journey from Togo to Greenland, where he spent […]
The soldier is the mother, a mother to her first child. Sailor is the child, a […]
Un des poèmes résume bien ce petit livre : “car enfin si je devais mourir, pouvez-vous […]