Un petit challenge tout simple. J’ai un an jour pour jour pour lire et publier les […]
Harry “Rabbit” Angstrom is this 26 years old young man that just runs through this life. […]
The story starts in 1930, and the first sentence is : “Neither of the Grimes sisters […]
Pepper street is an upper-middle-class neighborhood somewhere in California. The street is separated from the lower-class […]
Un texte mi-fiction, mi-essai. La première partie est un récit autobiographique sur la commande d’un conte. […]
John Irving became a wrestler and a writer at the same time. And he talks in […]
Britain. The story of twelve women, three by three in four different parts of the book, […]
L’histoire un peu banale de trois femmes que le quatrième de couverture dit être trois fois […]
Lee is a barrister but not one you would expect. A woman, young, from Caribbean origins, […]
Teena Maguire is gang-raped on a 4th of July by a number of men she can’t […]