This “Feed your Soul” takes me from discovery to discovery. The first discovery here is the […]
Difficult to find a backgammon course online. This one, on Udemy, was the only one I […]
This film seems to me like British food. You have to be brought up with it […]
Two discoveries here. First, the NPR Music Tiny Desk Concerts… “Intimate video performances recorded live at […]
T.S. Eliot reads his own poem that you can listen to here. The story of the […]
It’s a good moment in history to reread John of Gaunt’s patriotic speech in Shakespeare’s Richard […]
Un marchand s’arrête dans une oasis pour manger des dattes. Il en jette un noyau qui […]
A mockumentary by Black Mirror creators about… 2020. You know ? That horrible year that has […]
Petit livre mais dérangeant. L’histoire vraie de tout un village qui torture et brûle vif un […]
Kate Bush’s voice, mmh yes. Guardian’s “Feed your soul” is proving to be a well of […]